Gear watches

After smart phone success, world is moving towards making everything smart .
To be stylish and trendy is becoming prime necessity of youth,
Today as your mobile is not mobile phone only but much more than that same has happened to your watch also.
Days have gone to wear a high priced branded companies' watch which cost you 60$ to 100$. and if you are choosy in design the prices can go even higher
Android is now hitting wrist watch industry also.
several companies are their to provide smart watch to young generation with a reasonable prices
What are smart watches?
what is smart at it?
Just like android phone this watch provide you not only stylish look but also all functioning which are available to your phone
With smart watch on your wrist you can receive and make call, dictate text message and send them toy your friend or colleague,
you can call or hire taxi , browse through plenty of app and even track your fitness 
some of worth try are:


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