Headphone for mobile !!!!!

Music is part of our life. one can not imagine without music his life. few love to sing or play music but most of us love to listen music. it id not matter of what age you are. whether you are child , young , or old !!!! it not matter and will never matter 
With evolution of technology listening music is become very handy to everyone. after smartphone came all of us carry with us lots of song and music with us 
listening music heightens our spirits, make our mind calm and compose.
Since after mobile technology boom. all of us can have enjoyment of listening music at wherever and whenever we want to 
but it can also put other in our immediate surrounding to get disturbed . for the solution to this we have headphone available with variety of color and capacity and style of headphone.
let's have a look into it 

1) On ear headphone:-
Over Ear Headphones are also commonly known as full-size, circumaural or around the ear headphones. They are the traditional large headphones with ear pads that typically fit around the entire ear on most listeners. ... 
it look stylish in casual wearing on to girl and guys. it is also available with multicolor choice
some popular brand are. Sony(click for detail),Philips,Iball.

2) Earbud headphone:-
this kind of headphone consist of individual unit that plug into user's ear canal. it usually have soft rubber bud on top that fit into ear canal and make fill comfirmtable.
some brand are here. philips, iball, universal

3) Neck band earphone:
In this kind of headphone, individual ear unit is connected through fiber bar which rest on neck mostly this kind of headphone have Bluetooth connectivity 
some brand worth consider are philip, sony, micomy

4)EarHook earphone:-
The Ear Hooks were created with athletes in mind, meaning they’ve already been tested to hold up to your jogging, skipping, working out, or randomly dancing around in a circle when the music strikes you just right. Bangood, micropromo

5) Clip on earphone:-
They have medium sized earcups that fit over the ear held by ear-hangers that go behind the ears. Cresyn, koss, sony


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