how to make your pc faster

how many time you have fond that when you are working on topic with your pc it suddenly get stuck. you want to get rid of that but it become habit of your pc annoying you while you are working.
i know how it feels!!!
it is usually happen with anyone
here, are some useful tip i am going t share which i have used and it worked with my pc i hopeit may be work for your pc as well
so here we go

  • Check your Ram:
Usually when you do lot work with small amount of memory it is obvious that your pc will get slow down in performance. multitasking make your pc slower but if it is necessary to you then you should first do check your ram.
follow this step right click task bar>go to task manager> click on performance and then memory
and then buy new ram of your desire memory  and install it but here is word of caution "if your pc is 32bit processor than your can upgrade your RAM max upto 4GB ram"

  • Clean up your disk :
generally while we are working with program system automatically store file  which continually use our ram and slow down your computer. remember when your OS drive is too much occupied with too much storage it usually get slow down . while using internet computer used to save much data in back ground. so if you are facing slow down first run disk clean up program it will erase large unused file broken short cut and those file whose software are no more installed in computer . if you are cleaning first time on your computer you will see how much space is occupied with unwanted file

  • Defrag your computer:
computer store data on hard drive on random basis. so if you find slow down on pc just use defrage tool available free on Most PC and let computer reorganize its file system which will free up ram in locating file which is also another reason of slowing down

  • end unnecessary  program running in back ground :
much of the software when installed on computer have option to launch program on start up of window. which is why some program keep on running back ground without notice and occupied memory to stop this follow the step following described
Go to task manager > click on start up tab> click on program you don't want to run on start up

  •  Have good antivirus program on computer:
due to much of internet usage nowadays it is natural that your pc get attack from virus program which affect your pc performance hence  install good antivirus program on pc and do regularly update it to ensure protection from virus


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