How to operate mobile from laptop or computer

How many time you have required to operate mobile and laptop simultaneously!!!!!!!!
Now a days people working on their smartphone and laptop too much so some time we have to operate file which are loceted in mobile while we are working on computer
Now a days YouTube video making profession has grown tremendously which some time required to have mobile screen on pc while recording screen tutorial 
So here is solution for your problem 
First of all install vysor app from chrome store on your chrome
you can google to google search and type vysor. you will get chrome extension link click on it 
and sign in to your google account and install it on chrome
Now, you have to install Android ADB driver to your pc . you can download it from here. click here  
once you install this driver, plug in your phone with your usb cord to your pc
now in your phone go to setting in system head click on developer options. if it is not activate in your mobile. got to About device, find build number and tap on it seven time
by doing this developer mode will be activated, now go to developer option and tap on usb debugging on doing this open up vysor up you will see your device name there which is connected to it click on it and your device screen will be displayed on your pc that it 


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