Thing we rarely use on mobile

smart phone come with many features which we can use to ease our processes and our daily routine by it, But still people are living in 20th century not 21st century why I am saying like this?
what is the reason behind this!!! let's me tell you. hoe many time you have seen people to find pen and paper to note down contact no and address while asking same from someone over a call!!!!!!!!!
i think many time.
we are still not using feature of mobile, which tech master developed with great effort and time.
Reminder : this feature is a great help from tech to those who are forgetful.or say who are used to involve in least important task so they left incomplete the important one. it most help when you have to remember important date which maybe anniversary , birthday, engagement day of some one or your own 
To do list : it is great help if some one make it in night for upcoming day and keep you on track rather we are used to remind ourselves co currently all thing to do while doing the task and become less focused on task and end up in less doing and more thinking 
Notes: suppose you are attending any important meeting and seminar, during that you feel to note down important point most of people find there pen and note pad instead of using note app already handy in your phone. we start desperately asking for pen and note
Phone book: you will say now you are joking!!! you will say this have got to much. Do you believe that I am  a fool! but let me ask how much other info you store in phone book besides contact 
Phonebook itself is featured with adding address, email, website,classification of mobile and landline contact 
but we only store contact no only but for other thing we constantly ask it whenever we required 
File manager: we think mobile is for media storage only hence we do not store and file which are on your computer and you require it frequently
Calculator: we are still not adapt with mobile calculator which provide much function than physical one
Navigation system: 
this we can't say not being used by people. but most the time people tend to ask somebody while on road for direction when they are visiting that place first time
Voice recorder :-
most of the time it remain unused for years . while it is a great help to remember some thing told or said which is important but told in very sallow way
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